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All of the coffee shops which we have recommended in our lists here: https://www.thetravelforum.com/topic/61-🇻🇳-vietnam-recommendations-coffee-shops-restaurants-bars-hostels-airbnb-apartments-hotels/

Can be found with photos and reviews below in this sections.

Quick links to google coffee shops curated list:
Ho Chi Minh City

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The Best Egg Coffees in Vietnam: A Delightful Dive into Vietnamese Culture

Introduction Egg coffee, a unique and delightful concoction, has become a staple in most Vietnamese cafes in Hanoi. While not a common sight in every coffee shop, its distinct taste often leaves a lasting impression. Some even argue that it leans more towards being a dessert than a traditional coffee. In this article, we'll explore the fascinating world of egg coffee, inspired by the famous Italian cappuccino. The Origins of Egg Coffee The French War's Milk Shortage In response


Sam in Hanoi

Coffee & Tea (An Cafe)

Coffee & Tea (An Cafe) https://maps.app.goo.gl/URGbPihow6r4BTeg6?g_st=ic This can also be found in our curated google list here: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Bt3uUH2Z8a9YpjpV8 (for more curated lists see our topic with links to curated Vietnam lists here) This place has a nice balcony area, WiFi also so it’s nice for working.  Cookies and cream Frappuccino with espresso. 59k Comes with a free glass of tea as is traditional in a lot of places in Vietnam  


Chris in Nha Trang

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