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Discovering Paradise: A Day in Phi Phi Islands - Boat Trip from Phuket



Picture this: crystal-clear waters, postcard-perfect landscapes, and the allure of Phi Phi Islands calling out to you. Tucked away from the lively beats of Phuket's nightlife, we were lured into the promise of a one-day Phi Phi Islands tour, and boy, did it deliver! There are many tour operators in Phuket. When we decided to check the prices we were told 1500 baht, using some negotiation skills we managed to get a good deal for 1350 baht per person which included everything - transport from hotel to back, food, and snorkelling.


At 8 am, our ride arrived, accompanied by a group of friendly German travelers. The pier offered a simple breakfast of coffee and wafers; we expected more, but we had to work with what they offered. The guides were super friendly and energetic, and they gave instructions in English and Russian.

Kicking off at Koh Phi Phi Leh, we witnessed the crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life. The boat stops at the coast, but for an extra 300 baht, you can opt for snorkeling in the bay and travel on the banana boat. Be a little careful while jumping into the sea; as I jumped, I spotted a large sea urchin, which can be very dangerous and can hurt you. After floating for some time, observing all the fish, and clicking hundreds of pictures in my waterproof case (purchased for 80 baht from Bangla Road market), we decided to head back to the boat.



Onward to Maya Bay, the movie-famous beach. The white sands were cool under the strong sun, making it a legit tropical dream. Monkey Beach was next on the list, but truth be told, it didn't live up to the hype. A quick monkey spotting and we were off to our much-needed lunch at Koh Phi Phi Don. The buffet spread there? Heaven. Both veg and non-veg options, plus a variety of fruits to top it off. Choices after lunch: explore the island or hit the snorkeling round two. We opted for chilled beers and soaking in the city vibes. Spoiler: it's stunning.


After a good tour of the city, we headed to a small island called Ko Khai Nok. It was a few beers for the mates and another round of snorkeling for me. Close encounters with fish near the shore marked a delightful 30 minutes afloat.



As the day came to an end, we sailed back to the pier, greeted with snacks of fresh fruits. By 7 pm, we were back at our hotel, having commenced the journey at 8 am. The evening remained open for more Phuket exploration or well-deserved rest after a day packed with adventure.

What are your thoughts on this Phi Phi Islands tour? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below.

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