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Best Hostel in Dalat, Vietnam: Dalat Family Hostel



I've experienced numerous hostels, but Dalat Family Hostel stands out as the best on my list. The hostel truly lives up to its name, making you feel like a part of a family rather than just a traveler. Let me explain why. 

Upon checking into Dalat Family Hostel, we got private rooms for £8.5 GBP ($10.80 USD), a good deal. Although Dalat offers hotels at a similar price, we opted for the hostel experience to meet people. The hostel provides various amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, free water refill, a pleasant rooftop workspace, and excellent staff service. The hostel also has rooms for as cheap as  £1 ($1.27 USD) so you could practically live here for a month, spending only £30 GBP ($38.11 USD) on accommodation while enjoying all the other amenities.



One outstanding aspect is the family dinner, costing 80k VND ($3.26 USD). Held at 6 pm, everyone from the hostel participates, and I assure you, it's entirely worth it. The dinner includes 6-7 types of traditional Vietnamese dishes, fostering a communal experience as you share everything with fellow residents.


The staff is incredibly helpful, creating a friendly atmosphere that makes it feel like you're talking to friends or family, not strangers. While you can easily rent a bike from the hostel, note that it's not available for 24 hours; you can pick it up in the morning and return it by 11 pm. Fuel in Vietnam is affordable, allowing you to fill the bike tank for just 70k VND ($2.85). For booking canyoning tours, you can approach the reception, which is staffed even late at night. Free water refills are available at the entrance, along with complimentary Dalat Hostel merchandise for you to pick up.

Here is the location of the hostel: Dalat Family Hostel, 3/4 Ngô Quyền, st, Ward 6, Lâm Đồng 670000

photo1705730168 (1).jpeg

I hope this information proves helpful. Enjoy your time traveling there, and safe travels!

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