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Nha Trang, Vietnam: Ba Ho Waterfalls Guide - Explore Nature's Beauty



Ba Ho Waterfalls, located approximately 20 kilometers away from Nha Trang, offers a serene escape from city life, providing a nice experience in the lap of nature. The waterfall, boasting significant size, splits into three different lakes, aptly named BA HO which translates to Three Pools. This place is ideal for those seeking adventure, with opportunities for rope swings and cliff jumping. While the thrill is undeniable, caution is essential and recommended due to the presence of rocks in the water. Seek guidance from the guards to identify the perfect spot for cliff jumping, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. If you find yourself struggling to locate the spot, approach a nearby guard and ask for the "big jump."


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How to Get There?

Ditching organized group tours, we opted to rent motorbikes for a self-guided adventure, a more enjoyable and cost-effective choice. At Fuse Hostel Nha Trang, we rented motorbikes for 150k VND ($6.11 USD or £4.80 GBP), available from 7 am to 9 pm. While various bike rental options exist in the city, it's worth exploring to find the best deal. An alternative is booking a car via the Grab app, suitable for groups with a flexible budget.

Entry Fee

The entry fee is 100k VND ($4.07 USD or £3.20 GBP), you get access to the three lakes, the waterfalls, a swing rope across the lake, paddle boating, and entry to the swimming pool.

Duration of the Waterfall

Our journey took almost an hour to reach the end, allowing for intermittent stops and deviations from the main path. Attempting to find the waterfall's starting point led us off the beaten path, encountering spiders and mosquitoes. For safety reasons, we returned to the designated tourist area.

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Best Time to Visit

Throughout the year, Ba Ho Waterfalls offer a captivating experience. During the monsoon season, the increased water flow enhances the spectacle. Caution is advised, particularly on slippery rocks, and holding onto the safety rope is crucial during ascent and descent.


The cliff jumping and swing rope experiences are standout features, delivering excellent value for the entrance fee. One of the lakes conceals a small yet adventurous cave, adding an element of exploration to the visit.

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After indulging in the waterfall and a refreshing dip, visit the on-site restaurant for coconut water priced at just 35k VND ($1.42 USD or £1.12 GBP). Take advantage of the swimming pool, kayaking, and paddle boating—all included in the ticket (subject to availability; kayaking was not available during our visit).

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