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Saigon Chill Hostel: Ho Chi Minh City



Looking for a laid-back hostel near the party street of Ho Chi Minh City? Saigon Chill Hostel is the perfect choice for you.

True to its name, this hostel offers a genuinely relaxed atmosphere with an incredible and helpful staff. The common area is not only super chill but also lively. The beds are the comfiest I have experienced in any hostel. They provide ample privacy, with a designated space to hang your clothes right next to your bed, along with additional storage space. I was lucky enough to get a bathtub in my bathroom, even without that the showers are super amazing.

Screenshot 2024-01-24 165906.png

What sets this hostel apart is the inclusion of free breakfast and 2 complimentary beers every day, and trust me, the breakfast is truly worth it. The staff is exceptionally friendly; one morning, I was heading for a tour to Mekong Delta, and while I was having breakfast, the bus arrived to pick me up. The staff acted swiftly, preparing a delicious bahn mi and egg, packing it in a bag, and handing it to me with a huge smile.

I booked the hostel directly at the reception, and I paid 175k Vietnamese Dong ($7.11 USD or Β£5.58 GBP).


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