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The Best Egg Coffees in Vietnam: A Delightful Dive into Vietnamese Culture




Egg coffee, a unique and delightful concoction, has become a staple in most Vietnamese cafes in Hanoi. While not a common sight in every coffee shop, its distinct taste often leaves a lasting impression. Some even argue that it leans more towards being a dessert than a traditional coffee. In this article, we'll explore the fascinating world of egg coffee, inspired by the famous Italian cappuccino.

The Origins of Egg Coffee

The French War's Milk Shortage
In response to the scarcity of fresh milk during the French War, Mr. Nguyen Van Giang devised a creative solution. Instead of relying on traditional milk, he combined black coffee with egg yolks and sugar. This innovative blend birthed a unique and unmistakable flavor, setting the stage for the egg coffee craze in Vietnam.

Top Recommendations in Hanoi

Giang Cafe: A Legacy Preserved
CafΓ© Giang, a brand synonymous with egg coffee in Hanoi since 1946, holds a rich history. Founded by Mr. Nguyen Van Giang, a chef at the Metropole Hanoi Hotel, the cafe remains a family affair. Mr. Nguyen Tri Hoa, the founder's son, now oversees the cafe, preserving the original recipe. The first sip at Giang Cafe provides an authentic experience, staying true to Mr. Nguyen Van Giang's creation.


photo1707039384 (1).jpeg

Hanoi Coffee Culture: Perfection in a Cup
Among the best egg coffees in Vietnam, Hanoi Coffee Culture stands out for its perfection. Personal experience deems it the finest in the country, complemented by delightful tea offerings. Beyond the coffee, the cafe's ambiance, coupled with excellent breakfast choices, creates an ideal setting for work or leisure.

photo1707039384 (2).jpeg

photo1707039384 (3).jpeg

The Note Cafe: A Unique Experience
For a truly unique experience, The Note Cafe offers more than just egg coffee. Boasting picturesque views, especially from window-side seats, this establishment is adorned with notes from visitors worldwide. The four-story coffee shop is plastered with small, cute sticky notes, adding a touch of charm to your coffee indulgence.

photo1707039384 (5).jpeg

photo1707039384 (4).jpeg

Egg coffee in Vietnam is not just a beverage; it's a cultural experience. From the historical roots of Giang Cafe to the modern charm of The Note Cafe, each sip tells a story. As you explore the diverse offerings in Hanoi, the fusion of coffee, egg, and sugar creates a symphony of flavors that transcends the ordinary.

Anything We Missed?
Did we overlook any hidden gems in the world of egg coffees? Feel free to share your recommendations and experiences in the comments below.


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