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Surviving Bangkok, Thailand on 1000 Baht: A Personal Experience

To answer the age-old question, 'Is 1000 baht per day enough to survive in Bangkok, Thailand?'—the short answer is yes. But don't just take my word for it; I experienced this firsthand. On one memorable day in Bangkok, I managed to get by on just 990 baht. Here's a breakdown of how it all went down.

I was lucky to stay at one of Bangkok's best hostels, Mad Monkey. By booking in advance, I snagged some early bird discounts and got a shared dorm for around 340 baht.

For breakfast, I went to a local street vendor, where I got a plate of pad kra pao for 60 baht. Then, I decided to chill by the hostel's pool, treating myself to a refreshing chilled beer which was around 100 baht.

Now it was time for lunch, and we went to KC Guest House, a restaurant right across from the hostel. There, I enjoyed a satisfying meal of chicken rice with vegetables for 100 baht.


The adventure continued as we explored the nearby park and discovered a delightful surprise—a boat ride. For 30 baht, we hopped on, and let me tell you, it was worth every baht. During the boat trip, we enjoyed the sights of iconic attractions like Wat Arun and Wat Devaraj, all while party boats with small fireworks added a touch of magic to the scenery. We decided to go back to the hostel as we had a pub crawl that day, the same boat costed us 30 baht which makes it 60 baht for the whole journey.

photo1699338484 (1).jpeg

We made it back to the hostel around 7:30 pm, and it was time for a snack. Seven Eleven came to the rescue with a ham and cheese sandwich and a few water bottles for 60 baht. Hydration is crucial in Bangkok's humid climate.

I couldn't resist ordering a happy ending shot at the hostel's bar for 160 baht, mainly because I wanted my picture on the Mad Monkey wall. The good news? The hostel generously offers free shots every hour, and I managed to enjoy three.

Our plan for the night was to join a pub crawl on Khao San Road. I had initially decided to lay off the drinks, but a sign advertising chaang for 70 baht changed my mind. We had a blast and eventually decided to call it a night.

Feeling a bit hungry, I headed to Seven Eleven for another round of ham and cheese sandwich and a water bottle, which set me back 40 baht.

And there you have it—my day in Bangkok on a budget, totaling 990 baht. Keep in mind, I didn't pinch every penny; I was spending freely and had an incredible time. These prices are accurate as of October 2023, but they may change in the future. Skipping the drinks could have saved even more money, without the drinks the total is around 660 baht, so it's all about your preferences.

Happy travels and budget-friendly adventures in Bangkok!






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