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Discovering 'The Library' in Phuket



When people talk about Phuket, it's usually all about the famous Bangla Road and beautiful Patong Beach. But during our visit, we decided to explore the quieter side of Phuket – the old town. While we were there, we met some friendly locals who told us about a hidden gem called 'The Library.'

Curious to find out more, we decided to check it out. 'The Library' seemed like a cozy place with books hanging from the ceiling, and beers were reasonably priced at around 150 baht. We thought it was nice, but not overly exciting, maybe because it wasn't too crowded when we arrived.

However, as we were about to leave, we met a friendly older guy who shared a secret with us – there's a club inside 'The Library.' That's when we realized there was a door next to the bar that led to the hidden club.

We visited during Halloween, and the whole club was decked out with spooky decorations. I have added a video showing how to find the club. While it might not be a huge deal, it was a really cool surprise.

As the night went on, more people started to arrive, and the club came to life. 'The Library' is a hidden gem that really gets going after midnight, especially attracting a younger crowd. It's a unique and exciting place to check out in Phuket. So, next time you're around, slide open that unassuming door and see where the night takes you!







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