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πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ Vietnam, Da Nang (Low $)



Grab Delivery Order from Wooden Fish Ramen Da Nang

To note: The currency used in Vietnam: Vietnamese Dong. At the time of this blog post $1 USD = 24,320 dong

This blog series is created to share the cost of eating out and ordering food inΒ πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ Vietnam, Da Nang, so that you can see how far your money can go here. Da Nang currently offers exceptional value for money both for budget travelling and living as well as discounted high end dining (compared to the same level of quality of restaurants in the west)

This blog will feature a variety of places for dinning out and ordering, and at different price point levels. The title of each blog post will let you know if the cost is low, medium, or high.

Today's dinner order was Korean noodles fromΒ Wooden Fish Ramen, Da Nang


This order was placed with Grab (the go to app for ordering food and taxis in SE Asia) They have a subscription model where by you get a 15k dong discount ($0.62 USD) on a 100k ($4.10 USD) or above order. The first 2 months of the subscription are free, it is then 49k per month if choosing the monthly option, or 120k per 3 months if selecting that option as well as a further discount if selecting a 6 month option.Β 

Further to this Grab also run other promotions regularly, such as spend over x amount and save x amount. On this order an additional 30k dong was saved (don't forget to apply the promotions to get them) in addition to this you can also collect grab points to use as discounts off of food and taxis.Β 

They do love some processed fish and meats in Asia

This bargain dish was only 38k dong ($1.56)


The total for this order was only 132k dong (only $5.41 USD, or Β£4.49 GBP) this could easily feed 2 people and if on super tight budget you could even remove the 2x peach ice tea drinks to make this meal even more affordable.Β 



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