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πŸ‡»πŸ‡³ Vietnam, Da Nang (Medium $$) Highlands Coffee - Grab Order



Grab Delivery Order from Highland's Coffee, Da Nang

To note: The currency used in Vietnam: Vietnamese Dong. At the time of this blog post $1 USD = 24,375 dong

This blog series is created to share the cost of eating out and ordering food inΒ πŸ‡»πŸ‡³Β Vietnam, Da Nang, so that you can see how far your money can go here. Da Nang currently offers exceptional value for money both for budget travelling and living as well as discounted high end dining (compared to the same level of quality of restaurants in the west)

This blog will feature a variety of places for dinning out and ordering, and at different price point levels. The title of each blog post will let you know if the cost is low, medium, or high.

Highland's Coffee is Vietnam's version of Starbucks Coffee, Vietnam does also have Starbucks in many locations but Highland's Coffee (in my experience and opinion) offers far higher quality of coffee and at a lower price. Highlands. Coffee can be found all over Vietnam and is a recommended visit.


Despite ordering from Highlands Coffee, this time we didn't order coffee and chose a Lychee Tea that has real pieces of Lychee in the bottom, they serve it with a spoon and also had a frozen cherry drink. If ordering a coffee from Highlands I can recommend their iced coffee with chocolate drink, which is basically a 'Mocha'


Vietnam is famous for their Banh Mi (a French influenced baguette with filling) Highland's Coffee have their own unique version of a Banh Mi, longer and thinner.Β 

These sweet Banh Su Kem have a cream filling and are basicallyΒ profiteroles without the chocolate sauce. They were 29k dong ($1.19 USD or Β£0.97 GBP)

The total order including 15k dong discount (for over 100k order with Grab Subscription) was 195k dong, ($8 USD or Β£6.54 GBP)

Another post is coming soon where we sat in Highlands Coffee in Hoi An in the famous old town. We managed to take some really beautiful photos there and the photo cover on this blog post is actually from there.Β 

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