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Naples - stays in the heart

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I visited Naples, Italy for the first time. Italy was always on the radar and by luck/chance I chose Naples. 


What can I say, it was great. I spent a total of 6 nights and stayed with a lady called Paulo. She is a true  Napolitano through and through. As she is a local it provided my friend and I with an authentic experience which was incredible. Whilst having breakfast in her dining table, Italian music would be in the background, on occasions I thought I was in a movie scene. 

I find Naples to be a bit ruff around the edges but in a good way. I have not been to any other Italian city but from Paulo the Neopolitan folks have more heart to offer then those in Rome and Milan, but then again she would say that. 


Whilst in Naples you inadvertently have to drink plenty of coffee and eat plenty of sweet pastries,  that's for breakfast. 

 I do like a football match so it was great to witness a champions league game (Napoli Fc Vs Union Berlin) cost of the ticket was only 27 euro. Great atmosphere and passionate fans as you would expect. On the topic of football, Maradona this guy is literally God over there he is idolised and held in the highest regard. Never seen such admiration for a football player like I have seen the love for Maradona in Naples. 


Definitely well worth a visit.  Attached are some pics of Positino. 





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