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Looking for recommendations for a travel backpack

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After 10 years of regular use on all my trips, my backpack finally gave up and broke while travelling in Asia this month.

I am looking for a new one! Must be small enough to fit in hand luggage as I always prefer to carry it on when boarding the plane. Needs to accomodate a laptop, and at least a weeks worth of clothing. Don't care about design or looks, as long as it's practicle, durable and as spacious as possible. I want it to last at least another 10 years.


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After doing some extensive research and watching YouTube videos of bag reviews I bought the Wandrd HEXAD Carryall Duffel Backpack 40L carryall as I specifically was looking for a bag that converts from duffle to backpack so that it could easily be checked into check in luggage, but which was of a good size to also be able to use as a carryon should I wish to do so. 



It is a really good quality bag with of well thought out pockets, and good quality Japanese zippers and waterproof ripstop material. A nice separated waterproof compartment which is also ideal for putting dirty laundry. Unfortunately though it is quite expensive, although I did manage to get it at a discounted price as it is discounted (another unfortunate thing) It is a 40L bag. 

For carry on probably 40L is around the maximum you would want in terms of size. It also just about fits a hot climate load out: 8x tshirts, 8 pairs of underwear, 8x pairs of socks, 3 pairs of shorts. Including clothes that are worn the total is 9x socks/underwear/tshirts, which is an optimal number IMO as it means can (if need be) washed once per week and still have a few days of clothes whilst they dry, or likely you will want to have another shower before going out in the evening and a fresh set of clothes if have been walking in the sun. I will make another topic at some point in more detail as to what I specifically pack and why. Lots of space also for a towel, swim shorts, toiletries and other peripherals in this bag. I use a separate small backpack to use as a carryon onto the plane with laptop etc, but this bag can also has a space for a laptop. Note that dirty laundry also seems to take up a lot more space than clean folded clothes, so at times it can be a bit of a squeeze. (the 45L expanded bag that replaces this may be a better size as can be expanded when there is lots of dirty laundry)

The above bag that I have is discontinued and It is being replaced by this one https://eu.wandrd.com/products/transit-travel-backpack?variant=40548722966570 which is unfortunately even more expensive. This one is more of a backpack style of bag, though also has straps that fold out of the way somewhat with a magnetic enclosure. The 45L version of this is 40L when in usual mode, and 45L when extended using the zipper. 

Hopefully this was a useful reply and hopefully some other members able to give some other alternatives at different price points. :classic_smile:

A YouTube channel that I have found to be quite useful when researching different bags is the PackHacker YT channel.

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