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Basic Hindi Words for Traveling in India

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Planning a trip to India? India has 22 official languages and no national language! English works across the country. Hindi is common up north, while different languages are used in the south. Knowing a bit of Hindi helps as it is the most spoken language in the country. Learning a few Hindi phrases can amplify your experience! Here are some essential words:

1. Greetings:
Hello: Namaste 
Goodbye: Alvida (Goodbye or bye works fine)

2. Asking Questions:
Where?: Kahan? 
How?: Kaise? 
How much?: Kitne ka hai? 

3. Numbers:
One: Ek
Two: Do
Three: Teen
Four: Char
Five: Paanch
Six: Chhe
Seven: Saat
Eight: Aath
Nine: Nau
Ten: Das

4. Money:
Indian Currency: Rupee/Rupaye (रुपये)

5. Ordering Food:
Water: Paani
How much does it cost?: Kitne ka hai?
Delicious: Swadisht
Spicy: Teekha
Sweet: Meetha
Less Spicy: Kam Teekha
More Sweet: Zyada Meetha

Pro tip: Indians don't refer to it as Tuk Tuk; they call it Rickshaw or Auto.
The word for "Thank you" is "Dhanyavad," but everyone understands "thanks" or "thank you."

Do you know more words that can help travelers? Feel free to drop them in the comments below.


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