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🇹🇭 Thailand, Today I bought… (Member’s super topic on costs)


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  • Founder & Company Director

Bought something in Thailand, anything from food/drink to a bus ride or experience or hotel stay?

Or found something for an amazing value/price?

Snap a quick photo and write the place or town and the price to let others know the cost of living/travelling here.

Bonus super LOVE reactions for those who can spot/buy the best value items.


I will start it off, with this reasonably affordable priced poolside meal in Phuket, Thailand.....


If you stay at this (very affordable) hotel in Phuket’s old town you also get a 10% discount at the poolside cafe. (Mini review of hotel to come on the accommodation & costs section)


Fried Pork with Basil Leaves cooked with Creamy Omelet served on Rice. Price without discount 99 Thai Baht 🇹🇭 


Price with discount 90 Thai Bhat

90 Thai Bhat 🇹🇭 
$2.57 USD
£2.04 GBP

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  • Founder & Company Director

Phuket old town


Same poolside cafe as previous post. Coco mint drink, 59 Bhat with 10% discount (full price 60). (Can get slightly lower cost similar drinks elsewhere here) in London this would likely be around £5

59 Thai Bhat 🇹🇭
$1.67 USD
£1.33 GBP

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Phuket Old Town, Thailand. Thalang #31





Thai Lemon Tea 98 Bhat 



Beers here are also only 98 Thai Bhat for draft Change 330ml (the only beer they have) which is actually a good price for Phuket Old town.

The owner of here also has a nice coffee shop down the road, which I will post up some photos of sometime.

98 Thai Bhat 🇹🇭 
$2.75 USD
£2.19 GBP 

Google maps location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Zbpd2hJTSS27J2Du9?g_st=ic

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Phuket, Thailand. Cafe Amazon (chain) Google map location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/sMtLDFgN5TTZRJoz6?g_st=ic

One of the only places I have found with no min order on card purchases. Even 7 eleven has a min of 200 baht for a card transaction here. (Unlike Vietnam for example which fortunately has no limit pretty much anywhere for card transactions, and the majority charge no fee though some places do add a 3% fee in Vietnam)


Lemon tea, in a nice air conditioned cafe. 

50 Thai Baht 🇹🇭 
$1.44 USD
£1.12 GBP

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