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Tips and tricks to save some money whilst travelling and to help you travel further for longer


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The main 3 points on how to save the most are listed below. 

Don’t party like an animal

When travelling or living abroad there is a very high temptation to go out drinking a lot. Especially if you are in a country were the price of alcohol is extremely lower than in your home country. There is also the temptation to go out and meet people and one can easily meet travellers or those on holiday who are partying a lot and be drawn into going out too much.

With the cost of 1 beer being the same as that of a local meal in many places you can quickly see how just 3 beers can add up to a whole day's worth of food, 6 small beers in one night and you can already be spending more than what it would cost to eat for 2 days.

Try to either limit the partying to once per week, say on a Friday. As you usually would do when home. Or if you do go out mid week  and are good at exercising control it’s a good idea to have a pre set limit, say only going out for 2-3 beers. You can still have fun out whilst not getting wasted, it’s kind to your wallet also.



Eat like a local

It’s nice to have some foreign/western food from time to time, a Mexican or a Pizza, and these usually can be still be found at much friendlier prices than restaurants in London as an example. But if you eat local food mainly you will save yourself a huge amount of money. Save the pricier restaurants and the foreign restaurants for special occasions.

Order on grab: many places offer cheaper prices for grab food orders rather than eating in. This is due to several factors but tax in eat in usually plays a big one in some SE Asian countries. Mcdoanld’s for example is much better value if ordering in from grab rather than sitting in at the restaurant.

Choose local domestic brands, for example go to Phil Deli or Highlands Coffee in Vietnam instead of Starbucks, you can nearly the exactly same experience but pay ~50% or more less than you would at Starbucks. Alternatively go even cheaper with local independent coffee shops or street coffee.

Save on accommodation

Likely your largest expense is accommodation, even saving a small amount on accommodation can add up. Getting a room for £16 per night instead of £20 per night might seem like only a small difference, however the weekly saving on that is easily enough to pay for 3 days of food at local restaurants in many places in SE Asia.

Additional tips:

The cost of Grab in SE Asia is mostly super affordable for westerns, but you could opt for Grab bikes on some rides to save further. Also check other apps like Bolt as some places in Thailand for example Bolt is slightly cheaper than Grab. If tuktuk's are available these can also be booked to save money, some countries offer tuktuks directly on Grab or equivalent local ride hailing app (e.g. Ola in India) You can sometimes save even further by choosing local buses and transportation though note that sometimes if there are 2 or more of you taxing a grab Car might actually work out a better price or better value time/money spent.

Share your tips:

Do you have any other money saving tips to share? Please let us and other members know below what tips and tricks you have.

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