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๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ญ Thailand ATM Fees


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Does anyone know what brand of ATM offers the lowest ATM fee in Thailand? (if any)

I read online that some have a fee of just 150 Baht but I checked the specific banks ATMs as well as 3 others in Phuket and all had a withdraw fee of exactly 220 Baht. Which is about $6.16 or ยฃ4.90 GBP, which is a crazy fee. So I presume the info I found so either not up to date or possibly in relation to a different area of Thailand.ย 

In order to reduce this fee as a % you can try to withdraw as much as possible though I noticed some have a withdrawal limit of 10k baht, making the 220 fee effectually 2.2% which is still pretty high.

Also note itโ€™s almost always better to choose not to allow the ATM bank do the conversation and to allow your bank do this the conversion instead. This is also especially true if you have a bank that charges no foreign transaction fees or ATM withdrawals as you will get a much much better exchange rate. ย 

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