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Hello Indian Travelers! This space is all about your global and local adventures. Share your travel tales, tips, and stunning captures here. Let's keep it positive and exciting. No spamming or inappropriate language, just pure travel vibes!

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Here's a little tip from a fellow traveller. If you’re planning to travel to Delhi soon pack warm as the temperature here currently can hit as low as 8 degrees. Don’t be fooled by the sunny city afternoons, the nights here are very cold and only getting colder. So dress warm and enjoy the chill 😉

Another little fun tip for all you foodies: I discovered this quaint little place called The Lota Cafe (Pragati Maidan) which had some unique and delicious meals. My fav that you should definitely try here was the Palak Patta Chaat. Try it out and thank me later 😊


Happy Travels 🧳

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Went to the beauiful White Cliffs of Dover in the south of the UK, just sitting there feeling the breeze and the sound of water, probably the most peaceful I’ve felt in a while. Definitely recommended.



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Hello Travellers,

So i recently did a trip to Himachal Pradesh which was about 9 days. If you are planning in winters consider this a tip from me for manali / Dharmashala and all. Travel with warm but less heavy clothes, opt for a flexible check in & try to book hotels a bit farther away than the main attractions manali could be covered under 1.5 day for Snow sissu/ rohtang is good options.

Try to avoid night travel as the temperature gets upto -10/12.

Dharmashala is 1 day spot for main attractions, Dalhousie should take 2 days as its serene beauty is wonderful temperature here can go down more than manali so plan accordingly.

If traveling in Amritsar try to enjoy the langar there and also do note every morning abt at 5 Am there's a Palkhi do witness it in person.

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Hello Travellers, 

Being a foodie I am often on a lookout to try something new and Who doesn’t like a good meal? Here’s a place that I visited and tried a few dishes that tasted great but the one dish that stood out was the Crispy Lotus root's, If you’re in Airoli, Navi Mumbai then do check this place out. 

They also have Swiggy Dineout which will get you discounted prices

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/VAAWa8bhYZLpPQWK7?g_st=ic

1. Chicken Loaded Nachos


2.Spaghetti Aligo Olio


3. Crispy Lotus Roots


4. Khao Suey 


(Also I started to post on my Instagram page and YouTube channel feel free to check out for updates

Instagram ID:- @alchemy_of_shash

Youtube channel:- https://youtube.com/@TheAlchemistYT?si=RX74DDDSWhqBpU9W)


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