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Mumbai short stay / Goa recommendations


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Hey, we have finally arrived in Mumbai, we aren’t here long as we are off to Goa shortly so we wondered what are the top few things you would do with 2 days to use?

Also any recommendations on where to eat would be great in both Mumbai and Goa? 

Desperate to get into the flow of India but definitely struggling on where to start 😬🙈


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Thank you for posting your question and sorry about the late reply @Daiso, currently in another time zone and it's the Christmas weekend and I've only just seen this!


I am not too sure about Mumbai and what to recommend, when I was there I spent at least 3 hours walking around Dharavi slums. Despite being advised against this and without a guide, even the driver we had for the day did not want to come into the slums with us 😄, it was however perfectly safe and the people there were very friendly and welcoming. 

I also went to see the Gateway of India, and next to it we went to see the famous 5* The Taj Mahal Palace, which is in an incredibly beautiful building and a very famous 5* hotel, unfortunately most of the beautiful parts like the poolside bar etc where off limits as it was for guests only and the restaurant we went to inside there was no anything special to write home about. They also came and put a bottle of water on the table without us asking for it, presumably complimentary but ended up adding it to the bill at the end for abbot 15-20x the price of what water costs there. Nether the less if budget allows I would like to stay at that iconic hotel in the future, at least of one night and check it out properly as it is reasonably affordable for a 5* hotel.

We also visited a nice park but I can not remember off the top of my head which one it was. As well as a local zoo, where my friend got more attention than the animals and was requested to be in a lot of photos 😄

My friend and I found Mumbai a little hard to know where to go, and found it quite crowded. And just ate at some random places, so no where that I can remember that can recommend specifically. I remember my friend and I ordering egg Biryani thinking it was cheap, but then 2 massive bowls came and we realised we made a huge mistake as one Biryani there was actually to share and not an individual portion, so good to ask if it is a plate or for sharing when ordering so you do not over order as a lot of places make dishes to share and one is enough between two.

It definitely is a city where you need to know where to go. You probably have left Mumbai already but I will ask @Sam if he can add some useful info/recommendations on places to visit as it will be useful for others reading the topic or if you visit again.


Do you know where area in Goa you will be staying? Goa is extremely large, and the north and south have complete different vibes, with the south being more supper chilled and the north being more party like.

I you download the Ola app, it is like Uber or Grab, but for India. You can get super low cost rides without being scammed. Unfortunately the unions in Goa protested against that app, and they instead have an official taxi app called Goa Miles, when I was there I found that hardly if any drivers actually used it and always needed to find a driver and negotiated with them, and taxis where there very expensive for India. At the airport people usually hang around the Goa Miles stand and ask what area others are going to and split the fare with them, that is how I met @Sam who I became good friends with. 

Goa - Morjim

There is a really friendly Hostel in Morjim called The Bucket List, even if not staying there and staying in a hotel round the corner we highly recommend visiting the bucket list to go to the bar and meet some cool people. Bucket list: https://maps.app.goo.gl/PXquvHBbmn4qqbfD9 There is also a bar/club that is really nice and a great place to meet others across the road (@Sam what was the name of that?) and people also stand outside in the cross road there drinking as the bar is half inside and half outside. 

A local bull/cow enjoying the vegetable outlet in Morjim

Goa - Candolim

I really liked Candolim, there are some forts there, and a lot of very affordable local restaurants. Avoid the big club there, the entry fee is ridiculous we didn't go in. The photo below is from Candolim. 


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  • Chris changed the title to Mumbai short stay / Goa recommendations

Hello @Daiso! Hope you're enjoying your time in India. It can be overwhelming for first-time visitors, especially in a big city like Mumbai. Here's a breakdown:

Tourist attractions:


As it's Christmas, Bandra is a must-visit. Start at Ranwar Village, dating back to 1716. Explore the Mount Mary Church and soak in the festive cheer. J Hearsch & Co bakery is a must for its traditional delights and it's my personal favorite. Try their mutton patties and more. Chantily's offers great hot chocolate. For food options, Papa Pancho Da Dhaba for Indian cuisine, Veronica's for other options, or check the Zomato app for more choices. Discover "Shady Bars" like Yacht or Janta for drinks; Socials is a decent pub spot.




South of Mumbai:

The Gateway of India was built to commemorate King George V and Queen Mary's visit in 1911 after visiting that, consider taking a ferry to Elephanta Caves; it's about an hour's ride. Marine Drive, known as the Queen's Necklace, offers a splendid sea view. Don't miss the iconic K Rustoms Ice Cream Sandwich. South Mumbai boasts Parsi cafes like Kyani and Co for a taste of Kheema Pav. Colaba Causeway is great for shopping, bargaining is key, always ask for 50% less than the original price quoted. Mondegar and Leopold Cafe are perfect for a drink, especially with Leopold's historic bullet holes preserved after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

North of Mumbai:

Sanjay Gandhi National Park is a gem with Buddhist caves. Visit the Golden Pagoda via a ferry from Gorai; it's cost-effective. Stick to South Mumbai if you prefer more activities.


Remember, South Goa is serene with old churches, while North Goa is lively with parties. Bucketlist hostel bar is a favorite spot; it's bustling in the evenings. Don Robs, a bar opposite the hostel, stays open until 4 am. Hilltop near Bucketlist hostel hosts wild parties.

If you've got an international driving license, you can rent a car for around 20 pounds per day. Travel from North to South Goa to explore beautiful beaches. Palolem Beach is a must-visit and it's breathtaking.


Butterfly Beach in South Goa had some hype. It's a 25-minute walk from the car park, and when we visited, it was crowded. Still, the beach is lovely; you trek through a forest to reach it.


Goa's renowned for seafood; try the Goan Thali, and ask for a milder spice level. Don't miss trying "Feni," Goa's famous liquor made from Cashew Apples.

Let me know if you're searching for specific cafes in any area! Happy to suggest some.

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