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Da Nang Recommendations


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Here are some recommendations for Da Dang, with google map links included. With a collated google links list at the bottom of this topic. 

Things to do (attractions)

1. Visit the big/tall Buddha (The Linh Ung Pagoda) it is the tallest Buddha in Vietnam. And possibly the 2nd tallest in the world/Asia if I remember correctly? Really amazing views from there over the bay and Da Nang. There are nice gardens there and an itneresting walk, with monkies. Can get a Grab bike/car up there, or if know how to rent a scooter and riding it is a nice ride up there, there is a bike car park at the top.



2. Day trip to Hoi An, very famous old town just 30 mins away by car/bike. I think it is also possible to get a bus there for slightly cheaper or transportation arranged through hotel. From Hoi An there are many shops that advertise a rate of 250k dong for a trip back to Da Nang.

You can also rent a boat here or go on a boat tour. Top tip, go in the eve Ning before sunset and you will likely find a tour boat Capitan who has been free the whole day and willing to give you a private tour on their boat for a very reasonable price. That is exactly what I did, it was around £20 GBP (something like 630,000 VND though do not remember the exact price in VND) for the bot ride and included a drink each and a lanterns to release into the water at night. 

The exact boat that we rented, the Capitan is a nice guy. 


3. The Golden Bridge located within the Sun World Ba Na Hills, an iconic bridge with hands high in the mountains that if you have searched 'things to do in Da Nang' before, you have most likely seen. There are also gardens there and the Sun World resort including the french village. There are many interesting building projects around Vietnam by Sunworld and along with Vinpearl they are worth checking out, interesting cities/towns that are built from the ground up as resorts and places of interest.

Golden Bridge, Ba Ha Hills. Image courtesy of the Sun World website (https://banahills.sunworld.vn/en/gioi-thieu

Sun World French village. Image courtesy of the Sun World website (https://banahills.sunworld.vn/en/gioi-thieu) 


If your budget allows it is nice to stay a few days at the Risemount Resort, the hotel has a sort of Greek island feel with an absolutely amazing swimming pool on the ground. Note that there are nicer more luxury accommodations if your budget allows, as well as even more affordable places with pools. 

IMG_7445 2.JPG

IMG_7479 2.JPG

IMG_7458 2.JPG
Risemount Da Nang

It is always best to check on Booking.com and Agoda and Airbnb as no one hotel offers continually the best value, you may find you stay at one hotel one part of the year and pay an extremely affordable price and extremely competitive to other hotels in the area and when checking this particular hotel another part of the year you see the the rates for this hotel are actually a lot higher than the local competitors. This is natural due to how hotel prices fluctuate due to supply and demand, so it is always best trying new places and checking the booking websites for the best deals. You can also book for 3 days or so, to try a place out and if you like it you may be able to extend your stay direct with the hotel at a slightly better rate than the booking sites. 

Coffee Shops

Super nice coffee shop with coffee from 20k, (white coffee 22-25k) and (Italian style coffees 30-40k) link in the google links list below. 


Google map links (with additional notes) for Da Nang 
 Coffee Shops
🎡 Attractions (Google links for the 3 recommendations above in this topic) 

More recommendations for Vietnam in our google maps lists which we are currently building can be found in the topic here:


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